Most authors know what they want to write, and we would all love to be paid for it. But marketing your book can be a daunting task.  Whether you are looking to self publish or pursuing publishers through traditional channels, aligning with your market is the key to success.  The earlier you identify and target your market, the better.  We can help you tailor your content, style and voice to the right audience.

There are a lot of options for authors in the publishing world today.  Do I self publish?  Do I pursue independent publishers? Should I get an agent and go after larger publishing houses? Or, should I go it alone and hope I get discovered somewhere in the “slush” pile?  We can help you identify your goals and the best path for your book.

It takes a village to write a book.  You may be the author, but every author needs an editor.  Then there is design, copy development, proof reading and indexing.  That’s before you even start publicizing or selling a single copy.  Most people don’t know a lot of great people who can help you in all of those fields.  We do.  A big part of our business is just making the right connections for authors to make the book a reality and a success.


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